Monday, May 3, 2010

Freedom & Justice

open up your eyes and see
people live in poverty
no right to speak and no right to fight
cause the tyranny will always be right
the poor will always be the same
while the rich keep winning their game

you rape and murder our freedom of speech
and call it justice as you turn ourselves in
we ain't done nothing we just wanna be free
one day revolution will be made
and we'll gain our freedom and justice

no,it's not disorder that we want
and it's not anarchy
we need freedom and justice
we want to be free


L@Ks@mAn@ Sp@rrOw said...

haha...dalam kes ni dua2 salah kot...kalo dah polis suh berenti 2 berrenti jela kan~~~xder la terjadi cm2...xkesah la buat salah ke x...polis pn 1, nape tembak rambang keatas..xtembak kebawah?